Top 5 Decorating Tip for Your Holiday Table

The holidays can be stressful on you, your home and your budget.  Here are some interior design secrets to make setting the table easier for you.  These top five decorating tips for your dining table are designed to make the most of what you have, even when the guest list keeps growing.


1- When expecting more than the usual amount of guests at the big holidays it is perfectly acceptable to push other tables together to accommodate everyone comfortably. How you make this look cohesive is by draping the same table cloth over all the tables. This acts like camouflage and is the perfect backdrop to then add the fun decorative element too.


2- Layers make elegance easy. For my clients Thanksgiving table (photo above) we used a more decorative gold table cloth on a diagonal on top of the white table cloth to add some interest. Then we placed a table runner on top of that to really bring the look together.  This layering looks elegant and also hides the fact that there are 3 different tables being used to seat everyone.


3- Avoid big center pieces that way there is room for the food and you can see everyone across the table. We choose to decorate my clients table with smaller festive items that are grouped together in bunches, this way there is still plenty of room for the all-important food!


4- Everything is better by candle light. Nothing beats the warm glow and ambiance that candles give off. Make sure you work them into the table setting.


5- Its ok to mix and match if you don’t have a matching set of glasses, dishes, napkins or all of the above. To make this work you mix every other place setting so it looks intentional.


The holidays are about enjoying time with family and friends.  It’s easy to be stressed when the list of things to do gets longer instead of smaller every day.  If you find yourself overwhelmed give us a call or pop an email and consider your home taken care of by professionals.  Happy Holidays!