Fun Decorating Tips for Kids Room

Of all the rooms in your home your kid’s room offers the most opportunity to have some fun decorating.  Whether you have boys or girls there are so many ways to get creative and make a statement.

Paint colors are usually more colorful with so many possibilities you wouldn’t want in the rest of the house but feel free to get vibrant or funky in kids rooms.  I love faux finishes like the strie effect on the walls of my client’s baby room.  We chose a grey base coat and then a deep blue was applied on top with a special wide brush down the wall to create this texture that looks like denim.

Another favorite design tip for kid’s rooms that I love is use decals to add interest plus they are completely removable should your kid ever want a change.  We choose to use gold polka dots on 2 of my client’s walls of her girl’s room.  It makes a high end impact without costing much at all.  We applied them to look like they fan out from the corners but you could also space them out evenly for a great look as well.  For only $80 which was 3 sheets of the gold dots we create a truly “Wow” effect on the walls.


Try to keep your theme and color scheme consistent throughout your kids decorating for a bigger better impact as well.  For this babies room whales and beach themes were easy to achieve with the stripes, rope accents, and other subtle details.  Also remember you don’t have to be too literal either and too much of a good thing can kill the desired effect.

Form and function are also import in kid’s rooms, which is why these stunning benches also open up for toy storage!  That is what I call a win, win.  They look fabulous and will make mom happy when it’s time to clean up.

These are just a few design tips you can use to decorate your kids bedrooms, for more ideas check out older blogs on the topic.  Expert help is only a phone call away if you would like me to just take care of it all for you.  Whether it’s your kid’s rooms, your master bedroom, or any room in your home, I would be happy to ensure you love where you live.  Call today.