Do You Deal with Modern Family Problems?

In this modern world we live in today’s family unit come in all shapes and sizes.  With the divorce rate over 50% is pretty common for people to divide up their things and start over, only to remarry and combine households again. This can pose an interesting problem and even a source of stress for most.

My latest interior design clients are no exception to this dilemma.  They are both divorced with children from previous marriages and their own households.  They are now engaged and have decided to move in to his house but do some remolding to make it a place they can all feel comfortable and at home in.

They called me after remolding the kitchen and family room to be an open floorplan.  They really did a nice job so the beautiful blank canvas will be a pleasure to work with.  This couple has very different taste on most decorating ideas and both are strong willed so having me in between has been a huge benefit right off the bat on the first appointment.

You know, I love what I do and I think most people don’t realize the extent of my role and how it helps you to stay focused, on budget, and have fun along the journey.  These latest clients had been playing a game of tug of war to see who will win and get their way with the design of their newly remolded home.  There was a really cute moment in our first meeting where they realized they were both being listened to and heard. Amazingly they started finding command ground they could both agreed on.  He looked at her and said “I did good right”, (meaning hiring me) and with sigh of relief she simply says “Yes!”.

Life can be pretty stressful, even happy occasions like moving in with a fiancé are filled with challenges.  Time is also precious so if you find yourself in the dilemma of starting over I invite you to contact me to see how I can take the burned off you and create a personalized space you’ll love!  See what design package might be right for you click here!