5 Tips for Decorating Your Christmas Tree


  • Coordinate the colors for your Christmas tree with the colors of your room. No matter your color scheme is, there are ornaments, tree toppers, ribbon, and so much more you can use to decorate your tree. Coordinating the colors of your tree with the room will create a cohesive harmony.
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  • Have a smaller Christmas tree in another room for your home-made and sentimental ornaments. This way your kids can display their creations proudly, and the larger tree can stay sophisticated and beautiful.
  • iceicles
  • Use crystal icicle twigs to give a natural snowy look to your tree. You can find such icicle branches at Michael’s and other craft or floral stores. Place these on branches of your tree in a spread out and varied way for a natural look.
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  • Mix the sizes of the ornaments and use the smallest of them further back in the tree. This will create some depth and sparkle!
  • tree topper header
  • Get creative with your tree topper. There are plenty of alternatives to angels and star toppers like large starburst bows, floral sprigs, or go with a theme that you have for your tree: bird house, top hat, fleur-de-lis, etc.

Heather McManus

Artistry Interiors

November 24, 2015Print