Paint, Wallpaper & Flooring Selection

Artistry Interiors interior designers are here to help you pick out the right finishes for your home. Whether it’s the perfect shade of green paint, a stunning hallway wallpaper or the just right flooring. We take the guess work and mistakes out of the equation. Hiring an interior designer to consult on any project you might have will save you time and money. We make sure you get it right the first time.

Let Us Help You Select the Perfect Paint Colors

Our interior designers have the full library of Benjamin Moore paint samples as well as other reputable paint companies like Pratt & Lambert, and only zero toxins paint by Mythic. We make a house call where we will suggest a few paint colors to try out on your walls. Although we do mail larger sheets of the paint sample options we always recommend that you paint a piece of the wall. That way you see our paint chooses in the day light and night time to see how the color will change. Lighting has everything to do with how colors will appear which is why its so important to paint out a small area.

Paint, Wallpaper and Flooring Selection
Paint, Wallpaper and Flooring Selection

We Make Sure You Select the Right Wallpaper for Every Room of Your Home

Our interior designers have a wide variety of exclusive wallpaper selection from renowned companies such as Thibaut, Osborne and Little and Stroheim to name but a few. Choosing the right wallpaper can be a challenge for most home owners but we make the process easy and stress free. Wallpaper offers many benefits over paint other than just being beautiful. The main benefit is wallpaper can last 5 times as longer than paint saving you money in the long run, but it is more of a commitment. This process of selecting the right wallpapers is similar to picking paint colors. After the initial house call when we have narrowed down the options we will mail you larger samples of the wallpapers to give you the change to live with it for a while before you order.


We Offer Assistance with Flooring Selection

Artistry Interiors is always happy to consult on all the sometimes overwhelming options of flooring. There are a lot of great flooring options to consider. There is hard wood, tile, wall to wall carpet, area rugs, carpet titles, linoleum, and concrete. How do you choose which is right for your project? We help you hone in on what materials and then assist you in choosing the right products and colors to use through out your home.

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Paint, Wallpaper and Flooring Selection
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Paint, Wallpaper and Flooring Selection

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