Behind the Scenes of TV’s House Smarts

We recently wrapped the filming of my last segment for TV’s House Smarts on NBC.  It was an honor to be their interior design expert for this season of the show!  An incredible opportunity like this doesn’t come around every day and I’m extremely grateful to be chosen.

At first I was nervous and felt awkward at our first segments filming which was called #reallifedesign, but by the end of that first day I was getting my feet under me, and by the third episodes filming I was having fun.

I have to thank Margo Bruton of Margo Bruton Media, the Design Smart’s producer, for believing in me and collaborating with me to come up with topics and content.  I was able to get in on the creative process to create what people might want to learn more about.  There are so many aspects to creating a home that you love to live in, which means there are plenty of topics to focus on that people would find helpful.  Together we talked about a few ideas and then built the show around the topics.

The production crew Bobby and Chris were fun to work with as well.  They were willing to show me a bit of what they do. I love learning new things and seeing how they put everything together to create a TV show was fascinating to see.

I have to thank House Smart’s for allow me to be part of their TV show.  It’s a great show with informative information for home owners.  Check it out on NBC’s line and check your local listings for when it airs near you.  You can also watch segments on You Tube.